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Audio files

So this is how to create the right audio-files on a Mac:

book=island_ENNL; perl -nle 'print "$1" if /\[([^\]]+)/g' _chapters/${book}*.markdown | sort | uniq | while read line; do say -v Xander "${line}" -o "audio/${book}/${line}".aiff; afconvert -f m4af -d aac "audio/${book}/${line}".aiff "audio/${book}/${line}".m4a; rm "audio/${book}/${line}".aiff; done;

This does the following: for each chapter in ${book} it finds the translation-words and gives them to Apple Say. This speaks the word(s) into a file (in aiff-format). Lastly we convert that to aac because otherwise Chrome can’t play it and we remove the now unnecessary aiff-file.

These are the books I used:

Future improvements:

  • turn words on/off if they’ve been learned
  • add a difficulty slider, which turns on/off more translated words
  • obviously styling and coding should improve tremendously, but this is just a prototype for now :)

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