Useless keyboards

Keyboard design hasn’t changed since forever. Over the years, we’ve always had the standard QWERTY keyboards. BORING!

Keyboards haven’t changed from the age of typewriters. Engelbart had a go with the keyset (big failure) and Apple made the touch bar (even bigger failure). Nice tries, not good enough!

In all seriousness: keyboard design is dead. The most useful addition in the last 30 years was a ‘Windows-key’. Is the keyboard done? Or can we have some fun with it?

Time to introduce new keyboards! They don’t solve any problems. Just a different way to do it.

The Vertical Keyboard

In this keyboard, keys are laid out in a vertical way. Handy if you have a long and narrow desk instead of the traditional wide desk. Or when your arms are positioned on top of each other instead of coming out of your shoulders. Or (you know who you are) if you’d need to do a lot of one handed typing.

Vertical keyboard

The Jamboard

This one is for all the guitar lovers out there. The Jamboard. It’s a great fun way to interact with your boring office documents. Plus, this way of typing is a lot healthier than sitting behind your desk!

Jam board

The Realboard

In the English language, we use just a hand full of letters. Who cares about the Z or X? Those letters are not nearly as useful as an E or a T! But on regular keyboards, all keys take up the same space. What? That doesn’t make any sense!

I’ve optimized the layout of this keyboard: each key is sized based on its occurrence in English. It looks crazy, but imagine how much fun it is to pounce in “easiest” with your fists!

The Realboard

please make me a wireless jam-board, pretty please?

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