The Churner

Time. Who has it? No one! We want to live healthy, but household chores, work and Netflix get in the way. There’s No Time! No worries, my clever lifehack will solve everything!

As I’m sure you will all agree, there’s nothing more time consuming and boring than churning your own butter.

But you don’t want store-bought butter.

Oh the dilemma! How can we get real butter, while having time to watch that Friends-episode for the third time?

The Churner

Enter The Churner! My new patent-pending refillable weights that you can use wherever.

Simply unscrew the caps on the weights, fill The Churner with whole milk, screw the caps back on (very important) and start shaking!

After about 30 minutes, you can easily scrape-out your delicious home made butter.

With The Churner you can churn butter while sporting, watching TV, during working hours or while waiting for the bus!

All you have to do now, is to decide what to do with all your extra time!

Showing The Churner in use

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