Tea with cake

There was a period this year where I seemed to be eating cake every week. Not for a birthday or other celebration, but just ‘because’. It was a glorious time, and when something like this happens, you should make a website out of it (of course)

My website theemettaart.nl shows the places I visited, the cakes I ate and tea I drank, and my quick review of both the place and the food.



Setting up a new website is surprisingly easy. Wordpress is actually fun to work with now, and I really liked hacking the site together.

My main idea was to show a map of all the places I visited. Being a cheap guy, I didn’t want to pay for it. After a 30 minute Google search I decided I wanted to use Leaflet and Photon. But then I managed to find a cool Wordpress plugin that did exactly what I wanted: Travelers’ map. Thank opensource community!

The maps have an old-school look, which I could use for free from Thunderforest.

Next steps

I have big plans for the website: kill it and move on to the next project.

Detailpage Map page

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