Lego Platformer

When I was a kid, my two hobbies were Lego and playing computer games (or rather: writing computer games). Wouldn’t it be great if we can combine these hobbies?

Imagine you’re building a really cool running track with your Lego’s, or a dungeon like the Prince of Persia game or SuperMario. There are different colored blocks, jumps, stairs, walls to climb, treacherous holes in the ground… It’s really awesome.

You take one of the minifigures and pretend to walk through it, jump where you need to jump and climb onto the walls.

Now imagine you could be that character, see the world through the minifigure, simply by taking a photo of your Lego’s.

Step 1: build awesome Lego or Duplo Track

Here’s my awesome track that I want to play… The Lego Platformer

Step 2: make photo of the Track

Take a photo and let the AI do its magic The Lego Platformer

Step 3:

Tadaa!! You can now play your game on the iPad! The Lego Platformer

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