New captchas

What should we do with captchas when Artificial Intelligence becomes so good it can solve all of them?

The internet is filled with captchas: small puzzles that are easy for humans, but difficult for computers. The most famous ones are Google’s: “select all images with a motorcycle” or “select all images with a boat”.

But what happens when our computers become so smart they can solve all these riddles? What should we do with the screen-estate?


It surprises me that Google hasn’t thought of this already: they love ads!

The internet can always use more advertisements, and we can enable them in place of captchas with one click of a button! Coca Cola ads

Social justice

What if we used captchas to confront people with uncomfortable truths?

“Click on all images of animals that became extinct in the past 10 years” or “In which 5 countries is hunger pandemic?” Money of rich guys versus countries


Machines may become smarter than humans in the near future, but there’s one thing they won’t be able to fake: vague psychological babble!

Which of these figures reminds you of your mother


I’ve never been able to solve one of those puzzles where you can move one tile at a time to fix a photo. So maybe it’s a bad idea to limit access to your software with such a puzzle 🤣

On the other hand, perhaps you have too many visitors already, and only want to let the really persistent people in?

Finish the figure by dragging part of the image

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