Bacon Tea 🥓 + 🍵

“I’m Drinking tea” does not sound very manly. Well, no more! We men will take back the tea. It’s time for BACON TEA 🥓

Yes! Bacon tea! You heard it right! Delicious bacon tea, with an optional hint of maple syrop.

So, how does Bacon Tea taste?

My colleague made it (see below), so I had the ‘fortune’ to try it out. It’s not difficult to imagine what this might taste like, and your imagination would be exactly right… See the video below where I’m trying it out 😇

Make it yourself

  • Step 1: boil some bacon in water for a couple of hours
  • Step 2: done!
  • Step 3: convince yourself to drink it (this might take a while)

Cooking the bacon filtering out the grease The result That’s what the delicious concoction looks like. Thanks to my friend and former-colleague: Andre

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