Let's play a game with the neighbors!

Apparently loneliness in the Netherlands keeps rising. We have to do something about that: let’s make people meet each other again! 💪

The first step to meeting new people is to come into contact with them. Bumping into each other is easier when you share a garden or when you meet each other at the same store or library over and over again. This is not the case in big cities.

Imagine living in 2nd-floor housing. You can see the houses on the other side of the street. See their windows. See their lights turn on and off, but you never really connect. The only time you meet is when you accidentally walk out the door at the same time.

Let’s change that!

Girl playing the window-game

Introducing window-games

Using the magic of electrostatistics you can create games that stick on window-panes without glue.

You put the games in the mailbox of the neighbors on the other side of the street and start playing the games.

Classic games like tic-tac-toe, chess and sea-battle are all possibilities. A local government or a neighbourhood-organisation can organize the games and distribute the sheets. Or perhaps a company could do it as part of their marketing campaign: for instance a coffee-company that wants to show their commitment to connecting people over a cup of coffee ;)


☝️ just print the sheet above on electrostatic paper and share it with your neighbors. Now you can start playing (or invite them for a cup of coffee)

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