Unless you are Pippi Longstocking, wearing different colored socks is a fashion faux-pas. There are those who take it very seriously, some even seem to consider it a crime against humanity (albeit a minor crime against humanity).

Think about all those hours spent every weekend frantically reorganizing your sock-drawer, the heart-pounding when emptying your dryer to make sure socks are matched by color and the panic realizing your socks aren’t matched after arriving to work…

But fear no longer! Here is the solution!

A new commerce-site for socks: www.unmatchedsocks.com It sells only unmatched socks. This means that after buying just one pair, you are liberated of the tyranny of wearing same-colored socks!

After your maiden pair you can simply answer the question: “I think you made a mistake putting on your socks in the morning?”, with a broad smile: “actually, no, they are meant like this. I shop at unmatchedsocks.com”

This is where we start the revolution!

(or something like that 😀)

Some sock-ideas

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