Smart doors • An open door?

Web of things! Smart bikes, smart boxes, smart car, everything smart! It’s the new hip. Smart doors weren’t in the list yet, but now they are :)

You go out the door, walk 30 meters and suddenly realize: I’m not sure if I locked the door… Sound familiar? Or how about waking up in the middle of the night: “I’m pretty sure the door is locked…” That’s even worse!

If only you were living in the 21st century and you could remotely check if the door is locked or not. That’s where Idea • 803 comes in: Smart Doors. Or more accurately smart locks with an app. The locks detect if the door is unlocked, open or locked and sends this through the internet to your phone.


  • remotely check if the door is locked or unlocked
  • remotely lock or unlock a door
  • notifications: when you leave the house without locking the door or when the door is opened while you’re not there
  • geofencing: auto-unlock the door when you’re near

Here’s some screens of an open, locked and unlocked situation:

cycle through the screens by clicking in the top bar

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