Pans for saving money and time!

Saving money, time and the environment all at the same time? That’s crazy! But with my new selection of pans it is possible!

Nobody wants to waste stuff, but with our cooking styles we sometimes need to. Think about all the water you heat for a small vegetable like a broccoli, or all the pans you need for cooking Nasi (wasting gas while cooking and time/water in cleaning).

Here’s the solution!

The whole set:

  • broccoli-pan (saving water)
  • fish-pan: easily fry a fish without wasting gas
  • spaghetti-pan (saving water)
  • size-adjustable bacon pan (saving gas when the bacon is shrinking)
  • nasi-pan for cooking rice and eggs, while you stir-fry the vegetables (saving gas and time when cleaning)

All them pans

note: of course you need a ton of shell spacing :P

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