Getting rid of cartboard

Are you buying all your stuff online? Or buying ‘flatpacks’ at IKEA? Then for sure you know the absolute horror of having lots of cardboard in your house. Look no further! I have the solution!

The municipality of The Hague has organised a competition to make sure people bring their cardboard to the recycling centers. Of course I have a great idea for this as well!

Indoor cardboard chippers!

I think the main problem of these big boxes of cardboard, is that they are BIG. That’s why they are difficult to bring to the recycling centers.

The solution is thus very simple. We should make the cardboard smaller! How small you ask? As small as possible!

That’s why I rented a woodchipper to demonstrate how you can easily reduce a box into a small pile of soft cardboard pieces. It’s much easier to bring to the recycling, and you can even recycle the cardboard yourself, as filling for your pillows or for the litterbox of your cat!

Renting the woodchipper to DESTROY some  boxes! There is an initial investment for the municipality to bring woodchippers to every home, but after that, the problem of cardboard solves itself!

One step further…

Woodchipper are great, but they do leave a big mess in your living room… Luckily, there’s a solution for that as well!

We already have a simple waste-disposal in our house and I’ve created a small prototype of how this waste-disposal can be used in combination with the woodchipper. One flush and all your cardboard’s gone!

The municipality of The Hague awards 5000 euro the best idea to get rid of cardboard, let’s hope I win!

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