The Bridge: The world's first auto-pausing headphones

Headphones used to be simple things: two speakers that you put on your head. Now, get ready for the revolution!

Imagine you’re listening to music with headphones on… You’re in your own little world, with your pals The Beatles, Black Sabbath or Cradle of Filth.

And then!

A disturbance!

Someone needs your attention. You pauze the music, lift one of the earpieces, listen to the person, put your headphones back on and unpause the music.

You are literally wasting seconds of your life pausing and unpausing music!

I said: “No more!” and I introduce the world’s first auto-pausing headphones! A proximity-sensor in the speaker senses if the headphone is on your head and music is paused. It starts playing again when you put it on.

See the illustrations below for a use case:

Use case for headphones

Here’s the advert I imagine to use 🤓 (click for big!)

Advert for The Bridge Headphones

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